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My Pets

My pets...hmmmm....I don't love them and I don't dislove them, they're just my pets and that's it.


Well...what can I say about Looziuoni? It is an It, basically, tis not a female nor male. It is pink, sluggish slumpish like, with tiny arms that stick out either side of its body, the feet are moulded underneath the body and can slumpwalk. Green eyes it has, boulder point teeth, yellowing and bump hairs on its back.


Ane'kciei is a worm, with two flippers for arms and needles for legs. Ane' is female and has two young, called Hamionk (male) and Lefidhihjika (female). They all live in the basketing cellar, she eats porridge oats and drinks lime twisters. The young feed on water based crackers. They move around the castle as they please, and Ane', will sometimes help me out with things that need doing...                              
Ane' has black blue glower worm eyes, pink coloured skin with tiny hairs on it and a blue green graze colour for her flippers.      

Hami  has yellow claws, instead of flippers, green and prawn crackers for feet, that if he eats at too much, will grow again to replace them.

Lefi is quite small and very green,she is covered in moss. She likes to boss people around. She follows after her mother with needle feet.

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