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                                               Wine and Dine, then Die!

First of all, when I have people round for dinner at my castle in Scotland, I  am always the perfect host. Depending on whether it's a weekday or weekend, I wear a dinner suit or a Henry VIII suit.
 I always set the table to astonish and dazzle my guests and I always have the best food! (Mind you, I don't know where I get it, because I don't go shopping, it's just always there in the castle.)
 After the meal, I serve Strawberry De Crrkleumbliei' for pudding. It's a favourite with my guests and after they have eaten it, they fall into a quiet daze.
The pudding has a special ingredient, (hmmgggggmmmmm, you thought I was going to tell you, didn't you...) in it, that stops their blood from clotting, therefore blood from body shall be gone, mouth it shall enter, mmmmmm....

For more dinner stories and more about my life, please visit my journal.

My journal

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