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Utarefson are moving to the website, Blood and Silver.

Blood And Silver

Is there any blood in this room?!

Welcome to the world of vampire rock band,Utarefson
They are Vald, 16, Dracul, 17, Ceran, 16 and Xamar, 18. The boys formed the band two years ago after meeting at school in detention and the type of music they play is vampiric rock.
  Their first single, Necking You To Death, was No 2 in the  obscure charts and their other singles, Love'N'Blood, I Love Your Guts and Blood Feast all went to No 1, as did their first album, Bow Down,Mortals.



                            Facts about the boys
Their fave place to hang out is Skate'N'Snack, a restaurant where you get given a skateboard and can chase your food.

Xamar has kept his parents in the basement since he was 5, he hit them over the head with milk bottles and put a gallon of vinegar in their mouths to choke them.

Utarefson's Weblog

                                 Profiles of the band
Name: Dracul
Age: 17
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Blue
Height: 6"2
Fave colour: Rich, ruby red
Fave food: Steak
Hobbies: Songwriting, fighting people with my sword, baking with blood
Best quality: My teeth
Worst quality: My short attention span

Name: Xamar
Age: 18
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Green
Height: 6"0
Fave colour: Blue
Fave food: Skate'N'Snack
Hobbies: Torturing my parents
Best quality: My personality
Worst quality: My small nose
Name: Vald
 Age: 16
 Hair: Brown
 Eyes: Blue
 Height: 5"8
Fave colour: Blood red
Fave food: Blood, or failing that, KFC
Hobbies: Eating, drinking, stalking people
Best quality: My hypnotic eyes
Worst quality: My too long nails
Name: Ceran
Age: 16
Hair: Red
Eyes: Turquoise
Height: 5"7
Fave colour: Black
Fave food: Rabbit
Hobbies: Writing poems and songs, chatting on the internet to get victims, dancing
Best quality: My writing skills
Worst quality: My rabbit fondness

Note: There is no picture of the band, because they do not show up in photographs. We hope there will eventually be a drawing of them, but as the boys have had several (let's call it creative) differences with the artists drawing them, we make no promises!

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