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Yen Yen
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Yen Yen

Welcome to Yen Yen's world!

Yen Yen is a 2ft high murderous jester. He carries a knife and likes to kill. His two favourite things are knives and blood.
  Yen Yen has killed lots of people and he plans to tell the full story of his life one day, in his memoirs. His biggest ambition is to be world famous.
  Over the years, Yen Yen has perfected his killing skills, so he is now an accomplished murderer. But there is a softer side to Yen Yen, when he's not out and about, he likes to relax by watching TV. His favourite shows are murder mysteries, but he stopped watching Murder, She Wrote, because he thought the crimes in it were boring. He would like to see more criminals get away.

Yen Yen is also a good cook. He likes to make Body Cookies(Tm) and Murder Cakes(Tm)
  "I think I should have my own cooking show," says Yen Yen. "You know like Jamie Oliver's The Naked Chef, except mine would be 'How To Cook Killer Food With Yen Yen'. 
  Also, I could have my own radio show for kids, 'Listen with Yen Yen' and I would tell the children gruesome stories."

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The character of Yen Yen is copyright of ZJ 2003