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WolfMoon Penpals

Rules And Contact Page

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Rules And Contact Page

These are the rules for placing an ad.
1. No racist, homophobic, or other type of offensive ads
2. No asking for money, gifts, letters of invitation, people to sponsor you etc. This site is for penpals, not a place to ask for things like that
3. If you swear, please star it out, because this is a free site!
4. This site is for people aged 14 upwards
5. No ads asking for sex
Please respect the rules. Thanks. :)
                                     Contact Us
If you want to place an ad, email us with the following information:
1. Name (or nickname)
2. Age
3. Sex
4. Country
5. If you're looking for male or female penpals or both
6. If you're looking for email or snail mail penpals or both
7. Some stuff about you, eg, your hobbies and if you would like a penpal with similar interests or someone who has different interests
8. Your email address

Email us

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