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This is the page where I'll describe myself in more detail.


I was born in 1100 in Movairaienki, of an Ambeallsian family. When I was two years old, my family went on a holiday to Rome. It was there that I became a creature of the night!

I went to a farm and there, in a shed was a grotesque lamb pig with its nose pushed to one side of its cheek, a form of saliva dripped from the nose, I could only describe it as... sick. Fascinated, I stretched my hand out towards it and a sick droplet, fell onto a wound on my pale hand. A burning sensation arose, I cried and ran...

From that day on, I was.....different. I became fractious and my parents didn't know what to do with me. I could not stay in the sun for long, it hurt me.

  One night, my nanny brought me milk and bread. In anger I hurled it at her and when she tried to hit me, I bit her hand. I tasted blood and I knew..I liked it!

  "Demon!" she screamed. "Evil, bloodsucking demon!"

She and my parents threw me out. I was very frightened, but I managed to survive by sucking the blood of animals, until I met other people like me. They told me they were undead demons and I was one of them. They raised me. I grew to age 26 and then never aged afterwards. I count the day I  met  the lamb pig thing as the day I died, so I've been undead for 900 years, not 902.

I later learnt the name for what I was, a vampire. Although how I became one because of the lamb pig thing, is unexplained.

Now I live in a castle in Scotland, when I am not in my skyscraper in New York. I see very little of other people, except for my two assistants, Esmeralda Oscura and Terciopelo De Raven.

Bodiam Castle

Bodiam Castle

If  I didn't live in my own castle, I would live in Bodiam Castle.


Here's a list of some of my favourite films:

American Psycho
Childs Play-(Chucky reminds me of myself at that bloodthirsty age!)

My favourite music:

Ride Of The Valkyries by Wagner.

This music helps my senses, I put it on when I want to travel in my mind. I can kill when I mind travel.

Copyright Giles.A.Tarklen, Esmeralda Oscura and Terciopelo De Raven, 2003