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My Family

Learn about my family-if you are sure that's what you want!

My family,  oh my family.....oh yes, we can't forget dearest Nanny!

                                                             My Father
My father was called Gracean. He was big and sturdy, 6"5 ,a bit thick, but basically kind.
Until he found out I was a vampire. Then he was horrible, he would have hit me if I'd been older. I never forgave him for his cruel rejection.
  Years later, I came back and bit him. I turned him into my zombie slave, he slept in the cellar ,with the dogs and I fed him scraps. One day he escaped and tried to tell people about me, so I had to shoot him.
                                         My Mother
My mother was called C'ela. She had long, dark hair and green eyes and she was short, 4"7 to be exact. She was nice and caring.
  But she too turned on me. After I had made my father into a zombie, I came back for her and Chicken-Choked (TM ) her. I did this by tying a live chicken's neck around my mother's neck and it squeezed the life out of her.
She never did like chicken!


This is a special section for my damned Nanny. Mrs Corneiella used to sit in a dark damp corner in her rocking chair, bloody suited the b*tch well.
   Anyway...this woman, was one of the nastiest people when I became a vampire. She would clamp her hand on my head and shake it violently, while all I could do was laugh insanely. She slapped me round the face and shook me. After she slapped me, I would run at her and bite her hand till it bled..I was like a ravenous dog, I wouldn't let go.
  Later, I devised a plan to get her. First, I stalked her for weeks, lurking in the shadows, she thought she was imagining things. Then, one night I crawled into her window and crept on her, sleeping in her bed. I tore open her throat with a fingernail, her eyes sprang  open and she saw my eyes which had gone in Pupil Shot (TM). (Pupil Shot (TM), is when my pupils shrink to tiny insane black dots..)
She screamed, I laughed. With my eyes fixed on hers, I could see images of when I was young, of how she would hit me and treat me badly.
  I slowly placed my longest Throat Ripping Fingernail (TM) in her mouth and up inside and pulled her brain out through her mouth. Her head shrank as it came out, the skin around her ears wrinkling, the flesh at the sides of her mouth ripping and her jaw breaking into tiny fragments. So finally, what was once the front of her face, was now on the back of her head.

Copyright Giles.A. Tarklen, Esmeralda Oscura and Terciopelo De Raven , 2003