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Icedragon World
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Weird Icedragon World

Welcome to the weird side of Icedragon World!

Hello! It's me, Jack The Ripper, down but not out!

After I learnt that the other site I was featured on, Chuckys Playhouse, was going to go offline, I had to find myself a new home, quicksmart! So here I am, introducing you to Weird Icedragon World!

Here, we love weird films and websites! Some of our personal favourites are American Psycho,Childs Play(of course) and Creepshow! The Brood is not actually a personal favourite of mine, but, you can bet it is strange!


Below are a couple of weird websites, we think you'll like!
So, that's it from me, look out for me in Whitechapel! Oh, and you can email me with any comments you have about this site!

Email me!

A site with horror pics, quizzes and more!

A site about a vampire!

The vampire journal In Blood We Wed

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