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The History of the Cladainaskvis

How it started!

In the year 1789, when Falcon Di Amore Cladainskvi and his brother, Raven Blake Cladainskvi were little boys, living in Italy, their mother died. Their father went mad with grief and one day, Falcon found him trying to kill himself. Horrified, Falcon tried to stop him, but his father pushed him out of the way, then slit his own wrists and drank blood from them, before cutting his throat.
  Raven, hearing the screams, ran to a neighbour's for help. The neighbour fetched the police, who sent the boys to live with another family. Sadly, Falcon's mind had gone and he was sent to a mental asylum.

In 1807, when Falcon was 25, his father visited him in the asylum. Of course this was impossible, but poor Falcon didn't realise. He ran to hug him, but his father bit his neck. Falcon fell to the floor in shock and pain and blacked out.
  When he woke up, he was surrounded by blood, but his mind had returned. His father had gone and Falcon remembered that he was dead and thought he must have been a ghost.
  The asylum staff came in and saw Falcon lying on the floor. He had no pulse and they thought he was dead. When he heard them say the word "dead", Falcon jumped up and ran out. The staff were too frightened to stop him.

  Once free, Falcon tracked down Raven. But he had an increasing  blood thirst and attacked people, he discovered that he had to drain people completely dry of blood to make them like him. He remembered old stories about undead creatures and  realised that was what he was. Falcon decided to make Raven, who was now 22, into one too. Later they learnt the name for them was vampire.


                             Falcon Di Amore Cladainasvki
Falcon has straight ,shoulder length red hair, green eyes and he's 6"2. He is unhappy at times because he lost 17 years of his life. His last memory is from when he was eight and saw his father kill himself. Normally, if someone got their mind back after 17 years, it would be stuck in eight year old mode, but because Falcon is a vampire, when he got his back it grew up.
  Although he isn't evil, Falcon is ruthless when he has to be and can be horrible when he's angry.
  The reason he and Raven don't like preps is because during the Second World War, they didn't want to be called-up, but a prep told the army they didn't have an excuse for not fighting. Falcon and Raven decided to try the army, but they grew disillusioned with it, so they killed their fellow soldiers, a lot of Germans (they were in the British Army) and then came back to get the man who had given them away.

                                       Raven Blake Cladainsvki
Raven  has short, black curtain hair, greeney-blue eyes and he is 6"0. He had a lot to deal with, when Falcon appeared and then made him into a vampire.
  He has a bad temper and often disappears for a long time. He goes through a portal in one of the castle rooms to a sandy, market place, where he gets illegal goods, dried bats and potions. And he also, without telling Falcon, visits their father.
  In 1850, their father was trapped in the Vampire Dark Side and Raven is planning to bring him back to this world.

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