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Franklyn's Diary

Late November
It's very cold here at the moment. Raven still hates me, he hit me really hard today and several times I've caught him looking at me with a knife in his hand, like he wants to stab me...

                                                Franklyn Peterson's Profile
Franklyn has curly blonde, floppy hair, blue eyes and he's 5"8. He is a prep, but also a bit of a geek. He wants to fit in, but doesn't quite manage to. His biggest ambition is to be James Johnson's best friend, but James and the other preps think of him as a geek. They keep him around to be nasty to and also because he usually pays for things, because he wants them to like him.
  Franklyn realised how horrible James and the others really are, when he heard about them sending Pierre to the castle to have jokes played on him. It made him think that perhaps he doesn't want to be like them.

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