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Vampire Castle Diary

In April 2003, a group of American friends who everybody at their college called preps, went to stay at a castle in Romania. They thought the castle was owned by the boss of  the group, James Johnson's, father. In fact it is owned by two mysterious brothers, Falcon Di Amore and Raven Blake Cladainaskvi.
  Mr Johnson had bought the castle, but Falcon and Raven, who are vampires, killed him. They imprisoned the preps and killed them all apart from Pierre Aloncombe, a French exchange student, who they made into a vampire and Franklyn Peterson, Rupert Maldive and Hugo Stanley, who they kept to torture. Franklyn, currently imprisoned, writes a diary and Falcon and Raven thought it would be funny to put it on the internet.

To read about Falcon and Raven's history, click below

The History of the Cladainaskvis

Or you can just read Franklyn's Diary

Franklyn's Diary

The story of the Vampire Castle Diaries and the characters are copyright of ZJ 2003